It is with much regret to advise you that Atlas Anatomy is no longer in operation as of Sat 11th March 2017.

I have been dealing with an ongoing injury which is keeping me from working enough to cover the high costs of running a commercial facility. The Chiropractors at the Spine Centre have decided to utilise our old massage room for their own purposes and as such Mandy will no longer be available for treatments either.

I will be seeing my current regular clients from home, but will not be taking any new clients from here on in. Any client of mine wishing to re-establish connection from a while ago is encouraged to contact the Spine Centre for my personal contact details as I will not be advertising these publicly.

The @atlasanatomy.com.au email server will be monitored until the 16th April 2017, after which it will be retired.

I would like to thank you for your support over the last four years, it’s been a great experience running a business and getting to know many of you very well.