Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is the most common technique in which the therapist uses oil on the skin and performs long firm strokes with their hands and forearms to smooth out muscle fibres and break apart adhesions in the muscle tissue.

Adhesions are when different layers of tissue stick together and become restricted in their movement. This is the most common issue among clients and is usually from accidents or injuries causing a build-up of scar tissue and muscle degeneration from inactivity.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are typically a source of pain and are located around joints and near the muscle attachments. These are fibres of the muscle that aren’t functioning as they should be and form what most people know as ‘knots’ in the tissue.

These points are where you can feel referred pain such as a knot in your shoulder which is causing you to feel headache symptoms.

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Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy uses heat generated from the use of certain creams or oils, hot stones and also from massage itself. It helps increase blood flow to the local area which provides your muscles with oxygen and helps flush out toxins that may be stored in the tissue. Toxins can cause you to feel sore or even impede on proper functioning of the muscle.  Using heat is very effective for both acute and chronic injuries.

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In addition to your massage treatment and depending on your individual needs, you may be provided with basic stretches to do at home to help speed along your recovery and restore your flexibility.

These stretches will be tailored to address your concerns and assist you in achieving your goals as a part of your individual treatment plan and although they are not compulsory, clients who stick to their stretching program will see more significant results in terms of their recovery.

Atlas Anatomy will also use a technique known as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching. This is a technique which involves a combination of muscle activation and passive stretching. The passive stretch is performed by the therapist and the activation is the client applying pressure against the therapist. This is a fantastic way to increase your range of motion and has a very high rate of improvement compared to regular stretching.



Essential Oils are naturally occuring, complex chemical compounds that can have amazing effects on your body and the environment.

Your sense of smell is very closed linked with your memory, emotions and behaviour. This means that by just smelling these oils, you can make powerful changes to your body chemistry. Essential Oils can be used to relax a troubled mind, enhance focus and attention, relieve people of emotional issues and also aid in preventing and managing some chronic conditions.

Using Essential Oils on the skin not only means you get to carry the scents around with you for hours, but they have an additional bonus of killing off the cancer-causing free radicals in your body, relieving you of irritated skin and even repairing DNA.

*Oils used by ATLAS ANATOMY are all certified 100% therapetic grade essential oils.

Atlas Anatomy is a fully licensed and accredited Remedial Massage clinic located within the Canberra Spine Centre, O'Connor, Canberra.

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